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Brentwood, New York




To my side, my wife, who I'm presently at odds with, lies sleeping. The air is thin at the top of a high mountain. We're looking for Amir now. I don't want to disappoint her. Why doesn't he love me anymore? Elementary, my dear Watson. What color was Greg wearing? We can all agree on this. I cannot forget Taninna's face. That team has never played as well as they played today.

That was the funniest line in the whole show. I tried to get up at six this morning. Say nothing to no one about anything.

Who was here? I'm counting on it. I wanted to talk about it. Beat egg whites in a bowl until they are foamy and have a thick, ribbony texture, 2 to 3 minutes.

Our seamen have always been famous for a matchless alacrity and intrepidity in time of danger; this has saved many a British ship, when other seamen would have run below deck, and left the ship to the mercy of the waves, or, perhaps, of a more cruel enemy, a pirate. Leora entered my house. She likes Chinese food. Let's just hope that doesn't happen. Are you still working for him?

Protect yourself at all points. Can I go to work? It is a great convenience to live near a station. What, again? We spoke about many subjects. I had to wait for Kazuhiro till the end. Do you guys know him? Jill and Cory are late.

It was evening and already dark but I saw a cat walking along a telephone wire. Can they do that, cats? I'd like to reserve a table for four at six. Tears began to spill down her cheeks. Don't be angry with me. Were you present at the crime scene?

Dan went back to bed. Onions can be used in many dishes.

I see I have no choice. I'm going to do that again. He was good at this game. I just want a little more time. You had better put out the fire before you go to bed. Unemployment in this part of the country is virtually nonexistent. Micheal and Grant don't have any children. Tuan had heart problems.

Lucifer was out of his depth trying to control the class of problem children. The number is 932-8647, but I don't know the area code. Where is she going? Alan saw Ranjit and John holding hands. We should go to the party together.

It was from her. Don't you think it's creepy? Father told me to reform myself. This is something Sandip gave me years ago. I have him eating out of my hand. Please don't forget to send out the letters. I was a fool for marrying someone like her. I need a pair of scissors to cut this paper. Linley always buys "Magic Fairy Soup" at the supermaket. So that no suspicion falls on him, he always says at the register that it's for his (non-existent) daughter. Donna never mentioned Willie again.