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Brentwood, New York




Maybe Paula did it. I thought you said you were going to buy me a drink. Don't let the children play on this street.

The sun is about 1,000,000 times as large as the earth. That's becoming a problem. What do you do on Fridays? We walked for about 6 kilometers. I don't like windy days. I can't understand his obsession with soccer. He was not aware that the praise was a satire in disguise. He was an amiable fellow, but had a certain reserve that he would not let you casually trespass upon. We finally reached the top of Mt. Fuji.

What might Herbert look like? Can he be tall? Does he have brown hair? Does he wear glasses? They've got a hostage. Did Vernon ask you to write this?

They wanted to know what happened. You must take care of me. You only have 24 hours left to decide. Lou is likely to come.

It was a hard decision. He's a gigolo. Many families eat dinner while watching TV. Andrew became wiser as he grew older. The lady did not give in to temptation. She has abundant hair. This is a horse. What do you do here, Vladimir?

The power is back on. This large type is easy on the eyes. Stars emanate gamma rays when they explode. It is not always best to predict the future. Whatever the outcome, you must meet the challenge. Raphael was just amazing. Some time passed, but I didn't get her return letter. No one would want to hurt them. How do I do this?

Are local trains included on this schedule? I don't feel so lucky. Jem leads the soccer team. Our train was an hour late because of the heavy snow. Transtextuality and transsexuality sound similar but have totally different meanings. It's so big. How do you make that? Do you know Italian?

Sorry, but we're booked up.

I'll go get her. Hugh let Stanislaw use his phone. Carsten is very busy today, but he'll try to fit you in somewhere. I can't believe you'd do such a thing to me. We're not to be disturbed.

She is younger than me. He is not just interested, he's crazy about it. I thought Masanobu might ask Amedeo to the dance. This house is to let. I dropped Petr off at the library. Ginny makes his own wine at home. Welcome to the group. I knew very little about them. Fred reacted angrily. How much do you think I can get for my kidney?

We probably don't have enough time to do that. This isn't a trivial matter. That's why I rescued you.

We're so ready for something new. It's a classic. Konrad is afraid of me, I think. I'll see him if he doesn't come too late. Muriel turned 20. She is concerned about Devon. Novo will probably say no. Applications are now being accepted. Danny had something he needed to tell Graeme.

The doors are mercilessly closed against me.

My fingers left marks on the glass. I have to speak to you about something important. Nothing has been proven yet.

That doesn't accord with my principle. She finally arrived! You can drink water, but you can also pass it. I built it myself. This is the last time. Have you ever skipped school? Just that? This star is five light years away. I'm just here to help them out. Maybe I need a lawyer.

'Philosophy' is a Greek word that means the love of wisdom. I cannot moo like a cow. I'm a mare! Hohn picked up the TV remote and turned down the volume. I really need your help. I'm supposed to help Shai. A woman appeared from behind a tree. The big question is what do we do now.